Pattaya is not just a great party place but also has some of the best cuisine in Thailand.
Apart from Thai cuisine with its blend of spicy tastes, the smorgasbord includes every other famous type of cuisine found in the world. In Pattaya you mix with Europeans, Russians, Middle Eastern people, Americans, Asians and of course Thais and you you can also enjoy food originating from their homelands. From schnitzel, falafels and kebabs, to British pub food, homely Italian pasta and fresh seafood can be found in Pattaya

Making your Pattaya food experience unforgettable

Thailand has one of the great world cuisines. While you’re here you should sample some of the delicious food available. Even though the Thais have only had chillies for four hundred years or so they are one of the key ingredients in Thai food. But if you don’t like spicy food don’t worry there are also plenty of Thai dishes which aren’t too spicy.

Whilst the food is great you may not be familiar with some of the names of the dishes and translations can sometimes be a little confusing. 

Street Food

Thailand is a traveler's paradise with its long beaches and relaxed lifestyle. Thailand is also known for its tasty dishes, filled with sweet sauces and spiced with pickled peppers, a Thai dish can be a fiery adventure in itself. Although sit down restaurants in Thailand will serve international cuisine and dressed up Thai specialties, it is often said that travelers can best find the pulse of a people through its street food. Nibbling on street food is an inexpensive way to dine out in Thailand.